CM2′s Mission – ‘Educate, connect our world’

CMis different from traditional consulting firms that approach business from the outside in. We’re a global consulting firm dedicated to working with academic leaders – as part of their teams – to solve problems, transfer knowledge and drive progress from the inside out.

Message from the President

At CM2, we believe that education is the anchor of civilization and should be accessible to all. Unfortunately, this is not yet a reality for all learners around the globe. Emboldened by our mission to ‘Educate, Connect our world’, CM2 sets out to drive innovation and break down learning and teaching barriers, democratizing educational opportunities globally.

To accomplish this objective, we work with global university clients to launch and expand online learning. By implementing a variety of technological approaches — from tablets to smartphones to competency-based learning — students are empowered to learn in a classroom without physical boundaries.

The reality is that online learning isn’t the future of education it is the present. For this reason, learning institutions must stay current. Our mission is to help these institutions bridge the technology gap with expert advice and guidance in adopting new learning approaches. From our vast experience with university clients we know that this gap doesn’t stem from lack of desire by educators, but mainly from their lack of operational knowledge.

To acquire this operational competency, educators essentially have three options: 1-acquire resources in the open market 2-outsource functions to traditional service providers at the peril of a significant loss of revenue 3-work with premier consulting experts like CM2 to build capacity and shorten the learning curve.  Our approach is optimal.

Option one is difficult and costly because one simply doesn’t know what resources to acquire and the required business processes that integrate all functions to meet objectives.  Option two is also difficult and costly in that providers often require costly long- term contracts, while sometimes retaining all IP and competency to sustain client’s dependency.  The third option works best for those seeking to gain operational proficiency and create and retain IP through subject-matter experts.

While there are other higher education focused consulting firms in the world similar to CM2, we stand apart as pioneers of online learning with a track record of successful instruction to hundreds of thousands of students.

Lastly, we operate on the bedrock belief that we are not successful until our clients are successful.  We achieve success by integrating our consultants into university clients’ daily operations. This is how we drive sustainable global growth.

Charlie Nguyen
President – CEO

CMCore Tactics:

Enabling institutions of higher education around the world to bring their educational offerings online

Removing barriers to learning-physical, societal, language or cultural

Innovating and enhancing educational delivery

Globalizing education for learners and educators

We will not be successful until our client is successful

nathan jones
“Charlie consistently demonstrates an exceptional competency level in quantitative and qualitative analysis of key performance indicators to improve operational efficiency. Charlie is a visionary leader that can picture the integration of complex functions to improve the bottom line, the student experience. Those organizations that have an opportunity to work with Charlie in higher education, particularly in online operations, will benefit greatly from interacting with him”

Nathan Jones
Associate Dean of Operations | University of Phoenix