Charlie excels in operational leadership, and in coordinating the work of diverse groups of people. I regularly work with committed, dedicated people, but Charlie stands out even among the best of them. Charlie spends the time it takes to get to know his team and what drives them. He is adept at developing others and pushing them to excel. I owe much of my recent development as a professional to the opportunities Charlie gave me to stretch my abilities. I strongly recommend Charlie based on my work with him at Apollo.
Sarah Pedersen, Director of Change Management|University of Phoenix
Regardless of the project or situation, Charlie brings a unique blend of his trademark entrepreneurial spirit, education industry know-how, roll up your sleeves girt and strategic mind. Combine those qualities with an uncanny sense of putting the learner first and you have a leader who can operate successfully across geographies and teams.
Charles Westrin, Director of Product Marketing & Strategy|Higher Ed @ Pearson
I have had the great privilege of working with Charlie Nguyen from CMSquared in a variety of capacities. He has always demonstrated an incredible inherent ability to see to the heart of a challenge and move quickly to a solution that brings positive results, and continues this through his interactions with clients at CMSquared Consulting. His firm has a strong, consistent track record in improving operational efficiencies and integrating complex functions. The experience his firm brings to online educational institutions because of years of experience in providing thought leadership and results is a great benefit to their clients. They have deep skill sets in driving enrollment, with an eye towards insuring the student experience and satisfaction is consistently high while also driving revenue generation and successfully managing the bottom line. Charlie Nguyen and CMsquared Consulting deliver on their projects and are a great asset and resource to any organization that chooses to work with them.
Adam McCrary, Director of Learning Development | CDK Global
I have worked with Charlie in different leadership capacities and have seen first hand the value he brings to an organization. Charlie has extensive online expertise with a proven track record of increasing enrollment and providing a positive student experience. Through his knowledge of the students and their needs, he has a knack for telling the story to create a consistent brand. Charlie hones in on key areas of opportunity to improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.
Emily Hill, President | The Art Institute of Portland
Charlie is a driven, determined individual that carries excellence with him in any given situation. Charlie sees the vision and almost inherently knows the steps to take to achieve the mission. Charlie strives to build strong cultures and exceed the bottom line through strong business acumen and natural leadership qualities. Charlie challenged me in ways that I didn’t think possible and caused me to grow professionally in a short amount of time. I appreciated Charlie’s perspective, as it would usually challenge the status quo. 
Charlie’s strive for excellence was well-known and people wanted to work harder and create a better environment because of Charlie’s leadership.
Josh Chumley, Operations Executive | Higher Education Management
Simply put, if you are looking to increase productivity and efficiency, look no further than Charlie Nguyen. He is a strategic businessman, who is driven by the bottom line. However, he understands that his best investment is in his people, and he provides them with the necessary skills and support to drive profitability. He is an innovative solution provider, who wastes little time in debating decisions. In summary, Charlie is a results-driven leader, who invests highly in the productivity and growth of his people.
Jennifer Nation, Regional Director, National Accounts | DeVry University
Charlie consistently demonstrates an exceptional competency level in quantitative and qualitative analysis of key performance indicators to improve operational efficiency. He then motivates others through superior execution and transitions goals into high-impact actions. Charlie is a visionary leader that can picture the integration of complex functions to improve the bottom line, the student experience. Those organizations that have an opportunity to work with Charlie in higher education, particularly in online operations, will benefit greatly from interacting with him.
Nathan Jones, Associate Dean of Operations | School of Business | University of Phoenix
It is my pleasure to recommend Charlie Nguyen as a highly competent business leader and educational innovator. Over the past 10 years Charlie has been a highly respected colleague that I would rely on for advice pertinent to my own success as a leader. In fact, he has a very positive way of challenging status quo thinking and inspires great levels of innovation and results. I have worked side-by-side with Charlie to learn from him and to implement strategies he defined to enhance the educational experience for the students we served. Charlie demonstrates a wide-range of ability to lead in business, academia, social enterprise, and organizational leadership. Most importantly, his unique and innovative methodology leads to consistent performance results 100% of the time.
Tammy Fernandez, Executive Director, Corporate Social Responsibility | Apollo Education Group
Charlie possesses the innate ability to discover the immediate needs to make a project or business unit successful. He works hard to understand the variables that dictate success and quickly implement a plan to execute.
Charlie understands that successful organizations must take risks and be willing to change and he replicates that behavior in his approach to running businesses and leading an organization. He is never satisfied with the status quo and always searches for ways to improve.
Charlie was presented with some of the greatest organizational challenges I have seen and he found a way to create productive and high-performing business units, all the while driving change through changes in organizational culture and performance. Charlie has the ability to ask the right questions to uncover the needs of an organization but most importantly the talent to mobilize a strategic approach to solving problems.
Chad Bandy, Vice President of Student Services | Blackboard
…Charlie has both interpersonal and business savvy and knows exactly what needs to be done to get the expected results. While he led the organization, he helped improve operational efficiency in all areas of the organization. He was the key factor to turning the organization around and making it profitable. With his efforts, the organization saw its highest return since its inception in 2003. What made Charlie so good is his ability to connect and deal with his staff in a fair and consistent manner while making sure the business needs were being met.
Arzina Zaza, Faculty and Senior Advisor | University of Phoenix
Charlie has a unique skill, common of most natural innovators, of being able to accurately assess patterns, trends and behaviors of people and the market. In addition, he lead our organization through challenging times by focusing on innovation and what we could control to optimize success. His leadership philosophy guided and encouraged our teams to be creative, courageous and challenge “inside the box” thinking. Charlie is a rare and brilliant leader with an infinite transferable capacity and set of skills that would serve in any market. I admire and have learned from his willingness to take on any challenge regardless of the terrain while executing a keen ability to rally a loyal army of troops that will walk boldly into battle with him.
Dr. Jodi Ashbrook, Senior Business Leader | Higher Education Executive
I have the pleasure of working with Charlie Nguyen over that couple of years on an International project that gave a new meaning to complex, political, and challenging. Charlie met the challenge in every way. He stayed on top of the key deliverables and empowered the team to get their respective sections done. Charlie listens closely before making a decision.
Jim Hutcherson, Principal Consultant | Adnubis, LLC
As a masterful strategist, Charlie thrives in a setting where he oversees multiple business units that ultimately achieve one efficient and robust system. His capability to execute a long-term strategy has been tested and proved time and again during his 10+ year tenure as a senior leader at the University of Phoenix where new enrollment grew over 100% of budget under Charlie’s leadership. While working with Charlie on a complex international project, I witnessed his impassioned ability to lead each team (student services, enrollment, and IT) to insure they exceeded their goals of the ultimate student experience and virtual classroom efficiency. As a shrewd visionary and online higher ed expert, there are not many people better equipped than Charlie to lead CMSquared Consulting.
Aimee Lugay, Inclusion Advocate | Higher Education Liaison | Globally-Minded Project Leader
Charlie demonstrates insight into behavior by interprets the verbal and non-verbal behaviors of others; maintains open communication by encouraging people to share problems, successes, and new ideas; and works well with diverse groups of people by demonstrating respect for their opinion, perspectives, customs, and individual differences. In addition, he demonstrates ambition, adaptability, a willingness to take risks, and a willingness to learn.
Mary McDonald, Director of New Ventures | Apollo Global
If you want results, Charlie is the person for the job. His strategic planning and leadership skills allow him to inspire others to achieve and most often exceed corporate goals. Charlie would be an asset in many venues, I recommend Charlie without qualification.
Jennifer Grant, Director of Advising | Texas State University
This recommendation does not just come from the fact that I favor my working relationship with Charlie. It also comes from the skills and talents he would bring to any position. Charlie’s keen eye for detail and analysis, and his ability to cull through what is efficient vs. what is as he calls it “fluff. He has truly taken the department to the next level in terms of building in an infrastructure that adequately supports new students while ensuring that high volume of new students continue to be recruited without compromising on the quality of students accepted at the University of Phoenix. He has effectively managed through several challenging situations at the campuses and has effectively dealt with several challenging personalities that he has managed. He truly is one of those special leaders.
Kelly James, Director of Skills Development | Blinds.com
While working at the University of Phoenix, Amy convinced me it was a great idea to partner with the University of Phoenix for the future development and education of our employees. As the VP of HR at Consolidated Metco, it is my job to sort through countless vendors and suppliers that reach out to our company on a daily basis trying to sell one program or the next. While working with Amy, I have always found her to be enthusiastic, energetic, passionate, and dedicated. What I find most appealing is that Amy seems more dedicated to ConMet’s success than to simply making a ‘sale’ for University of Phoenix. To me, this is the mark of a true Business Partner! Amy ensures that the program goals are aligned with our company’s strategic goals and objectives.
Tim Caplice, VP of Human Resource | Consolidated Metco, Inc
Amy is a fantastic business partner. She really helped us customize a training program that uniquely fit our needs. In addition to her innovative and naturally curious nature, she is simply great to work with.
Brian Stowe, Learning and Development Manager | Daimler Trucks North America
I’ve worked with Charlie directly and indirectly for nearly 10 years. I’ve always been impressed by Charlie’s entrepreneurial spirit and his ability to achieve astounding goals that he sets for himself and those that report to him. Charlie consistently demonstrates an exceptional competency level in quantitative and qualitative analysis of key performance indicators to improve operational efficiency. He then motivates others through superior execution and transitions goals into high-impact actions. Charlie is a visionary leader that can picture the integration of complex functions to improve the bottom line, the student experience. Those organizations that have an opportunity to work with Charlie in higher education, particularly in online operations, will benefit greatly from interacting with him.
Beth Sigler, Campus Director | University of Phoenix
As Director of Corporate Training for a successful multi-state telecommunications company there were many challenges I faced in our effort to provide quality customer service training programs for our 10 different locations across the U.S. We want the best but had to be careful with our training budget, so there was little margin for error or missing the mark in regards to investing in training. I had pretty much given up on finding a training vendor I felt I could trust so I was about to take on creating the model myself internally. However, right at this moment I met Amy Chia-Torres. She listened to my problem and offered a partnership that would work with us to create the program we needed.

In my 15 years in adult education fields, I’ve experienced many other vendors who had made this promise and had fallen short. Amy made it so easy to work with her that I just kept moving forward with her one step at a time. She was forth-right and honest even if the message was not good news. I laid out my requirements that included things like, customized content, company-specific scenarios, comprehensive course evaluation… Amy was tireless; she connected me with all the right people I needed to work with. She truly listened when she sensed I wasn’t 100% on board with anything and made adjustments where needed, and worked to remove barriers to our success. Honestly, she renewed my hope in working with vendor partners, although, I will say, I don’t think there are a lot of vendors out there that can even come close to having the level of integrity, energy and commitment that Amy does towards her partners’ success. I look forward to partnering with Amy again in the future.

Kelly Kemp, Director of Training-Development | Integra Communication
I worked alongside Amy at Apollo Education Group. Amy is a client-focused, dedicated team member who brings enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism into her work with clients. She sees the bigger picture, and helps formulate clear strategies and execution plans for her clients. She is someone you can rely, on and feel confident that she will do her best in every situation.
Lisabeth Sarin, Director of Services-Healthcare | EdAssist
Charlie Nguyen has shown leadership, problem-solving skills, and cultural sensitivity in global business relationships.
Dr. Brian Lindquist, Former Associate Provost | University of Phoenix
I have collaborated with Charlie in the past, and can attest to his keen business insight and his incredible drive to achieve results for each of his customers in the corporate education, learning content development, business development and E-learning areas. I rely on Charlie today as a trusted training subject matter expert and his input is always appreciated and heeded. I strongly recommend Charlie to any enterprise looking for an exception leader to grow its education program.
Ted Nguyen, System Architect (Contract) for Latin America at S.A.T.E.L.L.I.T.E B.R.O.A.C.A.S.T.I.N.G (Sport & Entertainment)
Charlie Nguyen is an innovative leader who has demonstrated that he can successfully improve operational efficiency while generating revenue for complex organizations. Having worked closely with Charlie at Apollo Education Group, I have seen firsthand how he successfully increased enrollments and corporate partnerships while empowering the employees at the campuses he managed. Charlie is a strategic leader who knows how to execute strategies designed to help universities grow enrollments, expand online learning and enhance the student experience.
Michele Martinez, Senior Director of Marketing|The Advisory Board

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