We set out to create the best global experiential learning journey for the STEM workforce. This is how GERE program, Global Employment Ready Education, was founded between CMSquared and University of Florida (UF). University of Florida is a Top 10 (#8) Public University and Top 50 (#35) National University in the US according to US News and World Reports. As part of the initial cohorts, qualified GERE students will participate in NetDragon’s paid summer internship program in Fuzhou, China. NetDragon Websoft is China’s Top 10 Internet Gaming company. Utilizing UF Digital Worlds’ best-in-class Smart Classroom and its proprietary technology, GERE students can earn UF’s BA in Digital Arts and Sciences degree from anywhere in the world. With GERE, you will not only gain the latest knowledge from one of the world-renowned institutions, but also valued real-world competencies that employers are looking for. What does this mean for you? It means upon graduation, you will be an Employment Ready Graduate with a high rewarding career offer. We give you the GERE to be successful!

How does GERE program work?
• Enroll into the Bachelor of Arts, Digital Arts and Sciences (BADAS) at the University of Florida
• Twice in an academic year, BADAS students will be eligible to participate in a 6 week long, onsite internship program at one of our industry leaders’ headquarter. Students will be working on actual real worlds projects under the supervision of UF faculty and CMS’ coordinator. For example, the 2020 internship could be with *NetDragon Websoft in Fuzhou China or *Intel in Oregon, USA for Industrial Design or User Experience Design
• Learning and internship program outcomes will be documented as part of student’s professional portfolio
• Complete the required 60 upper division credits with UF Digital Worlds
• Meet all requirements for graduation from UF with the BADAS degree
• GERE program’s graduates will be submitted and recommended for immediate career with GERE’s industry partners

*Industry partners and project sites are added regularly and this is strictly for demonstrative purpose only.
• Game designer
• Level designer
• UI designer
• Game developer
• Effects artist
• 3D animator
• 2D animator
• Concept artist
• Storyboard artist