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ZMTB and Future Works International Education Incubator honor CMS Global as Mentor to education startups.

Beijing November 12, 2016

Zhongguancun MOOC Time Building (ZMTB) and Future Works honor CMS Global as a Mentor to education startups in China.  A ceremony was held at ZMTB’s location in Haidian district of Beijing to layout the vision and direction for 2017 as well as recognizing key contributors.  CMS Global’s Head of China Operation, William Du was present to accept the recognition.

CMS Global Forms Partnership with 106 Chinese Universities Consortium Led by Shenzhen University to Expand Access to Affordable US Online Higher Education for Chinese Learners.  

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. (November 11, 2016) – CMS Global, a leader in online international higher education, announced today that it has reached an agreement with Shenzhen University and UOOC Online (University Open Online Courses) to offer Chinese learners with opportunities to achieve a high quality accredited US education at a fraction of the cost compared to studying abroad.

This partnership plays a critical role in realizing the Transnational Educational priority identified by the 2010-2020 Mid and Long Term plan by the People’s Republic of China and most recently highlighted by Premier Li Keqiang.

East-West Mobility is a new track designed for first and second year undergraduate students who may desire to complete the last two years of study to earn their bachelor degree in the US. This track will be introduced at Shenzhen University in spring 2017, and additional tracks will be offered at the 106 university partners’ campuses thereafter.

Students in this program will enroll into courses where credits will be recognized by multiple US accredited universities and partner Chinese universities.  Students enrolled in East-West Mobility will have courses taught both online and on campus. “Our combined on-campus and online methodology provides flexibility and customization that fits the demand of the growing, college bound population of learners in China” said Charlie Nguyen, CEO and Founder of CMS Global.

Furthermore, some of the courses will be taught 100% in English reinforcing the importance of developing English skills required for admission into US universities. East-West Mobility is designed to help Chinese students reach their US educational goals in the most time and cost effective manner by providing access to proven US based general education courses.

“In China, Internet usage and higher education are on the rise. More and more Chinese universities want to promote education information and internationalization though the Internet,” said CEO Kai Yao of UOOC.  “UOOC Online especially hopes to cooperate with CMS Global to build a bridge between China and the United States for higher education, and promote the education internationalization together.”

“Founded by Shenzhen University in 2013, UOOC Union is a national association of local colleges and universities, dedicated to promoting co-building and sharing the curriculum with a non-profit model,” said President Li Qingquan of Shenzhen University. “Union will focus on strengthening international cooperation in the future and accessing overseas high-quality educational resources.”

“At CMS Global, we work hard to expand access of high-quality US academic programs to China and provide critical in-country support services to ensure a successful educational journey for our students,” said CEO Charlie Nguyen. “We are excited about this partnership and the opportunities it provides for Chinese learners to advance their education and careers.”

About CMS Global 

CMS Global (CMSG) is a leading global services provider specializing in Online and International higher education.  At CMSG, we believe that education is the anchor of civilization and should be accessible to all.  Unfortunately, this is not yet a reality for all learners around the world.  Emboldened by our mission to ‘Educate and Connect Our World’, CMSG sets out to drive innovation and break down learning and teaching barriers opening educational opportunities globally for learners. For more information about CMSG, please visit us online

About Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University (SZU) was founded as a public university on May 10th, 1983, with the accreditation of the State Council of China, and has undergone rapid growth and expansion in the past three decades just like the city of Shenzhen, China’s most successful Special Economic Zone.  SZU offers multi-level degrees with its 28 colleges, providing 84 undergraduate programs, over 100 master programs, and 9 doctoral programs. Today, SZU has become a widely recognized multi-discipline university both home and abroad, and strives to be a leading innovative university with an international profile.  For more information about SZU, please visit us online

About UOOC Online

UOOC Online is an internet education platform and resources provider that partners with over 100 universities and organizations in China, to offer courses recognized by universities, companies and industries.  UOOC Online focuses on developing a high-quality and efficient learning environment to help learners enhance their employability. For more information about UOOC Online, please visit us online

To learn about how to be a partner institution and to accept transferring Chinese students to into your online programs, contact:

Jane Pierce


CMSquared Visits SRT Education in Beijing    

Beijing, China October 2016

Beijing SRT (Study Reshaping Thoughts) Education & Technology Company., Ltd (SRT EDU), founded in 2005, is the largest online provider for K12 educators in mainland China.  Powered by our dedication to education and advanced internet-based learning technology, the past decade has witnessed explosive growth in K12 education industry.  At present, SRT business model has evolved to the combination of ‘Resource+Online Platform+ Service”, based on which SRT has developed comprehensive product matrix in areas of educator professional development and online K12 education.

Given CMSquared’s extensive network of high quality US universities with hundreds of education programs and decades of experience in online learning, there is significant synergy for mutual collaboration.  The interest and demand for PD products to produce and enhance teaching skills have never been larger or more urgent.

CMSquared Visits Shenzhen University and UOOC Online    

Shenzhen, China September 2016

Shenzhen University, one of the top universities in China with notable alums include CEO – Founder of Tencent Inc.  CMSquared team met with President Li and the Vice President Yao to discuss collaboration in order to improve online learning experience and better access to high quality US online programs for Chinese learners.  Mr. Yao is also CEO of UOOC Online, one of the largest e-learning and MOOC platforms in China.  More details to come.

FPT-CMS Launches Online MBA Programs to Vietnamese Learners   

Hanoi, Vietnam September 2016

We receive significant media coverage, below are links to some articles

Southern Utah University Officially Launched Online Master of Cyber Security in Vietnam. 

Hanoi, Vietnam June 2016

Southern Utah University leadership joined by FPT University leadership and CMSquared leadership in Hanoi to officially launch the first online Master of Cyber Security program.  Vietnamese learners will now have unprecedented access to high quality US education without having to compromise work or family.  The launch ceremony was joined by 7 leading media outlets who actively participated and presented thoughtful questions.  Dr. Rob Robertson, Program Chair for Computer Science Department of SUU, headlined the workshop on Cyber Security and Internet of Things to FPT employees and prospective students.  Below are some of the published articles in Vietnamese.

Đào tạo thạc sỹ online An ninh An toàn thông tin đầu tiên ở Việt Nam

Học online lấy bằng Thạc sỹ của Mỹ

Chính thức công bố chương trình Thạc sĩ online ngành An ninh, an toàn thông tin 

Sinh viên tốt nghiệp Đại học FPT được học thẳng Thạc sỹ tại Mỹ 

Tốt nghiệp Đại học FPT được học thẳng chương trình thạc sĩ ở Mỹ 

Sinh viên tốt nghiệp FUNiX được học thẳng thạc sĩ tại Mỹ

Chính thức công bố chương trình Thạc sĩ online ngành An ninh, an toàn thông tin

CMSquared, Southern Utah University and FPT University Partnered Up to Offer High Quality Online Graduate Programs in Vietnam.    

Cedar City, Utah USA May 2016

Southern Utah University, FPT University and CMSquared have partnered up to offer SUU’s high quality online graduate programs in Vietnam.  Vietnamese students will be able to obtain top notch US education from SUU combined with in-country support and tutoring services offered through FPT University locations.  Vietnam, recently highlighted by President Obama visit in May, is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  Every year, over 120,000 Vietnamese are studying overseas spending an estimated $3 Billion in tuition alone.  With this game changing partnership, Vietnamese learners will have open access to high quality US education at a fraction of the costs.  Enabled by today’s technologies, many of these learners will gain a global education and a global network of professional contacts without compromising their career or family.  Master of Cyber Security will be launched in August followed by Master of Professional Communications and Master of Business Administration in the fall 2016.

CMSquared and Global View Technology Formed Strategic Partnership to Offer Technologies and Student Oriented Services in China.  

Beijing, China April 2016

Global View Technology Ltd.  and CMSquared Corporation formalized strategic partnership to offer consultative and operational services in order to enable universities in China to build digital version of themselves.  Global View Technology is a leading LMS and other learning platforms provider in China.  Dr. Chen, CEO of Global View Tech, is a recognized foremost expert in e-learning having personally been involved with universities within 985 and 211 initiatives.

CMSquared and FPT University Joined Force to Bring Quality US Higher Education to Vietnamese 

Hanoi City, Vietnam May 2016

FPT University and CMSquared formalized an agreement to bring highest quality degrees, certificates, single courses and badges to Vietnam.  This is a game changer for the Vietnam higher education as Vietnamese learners will now have open access to the very best higher education in the world without stepping a foot outside of the country or compromising their lives.  This is quickly developing, check back for additional details.

Vietnam – American Online Education Forum

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam February 2016

Hosted by Nguyen Tat Thanh University and Organized by CMSquared and Lac Viet Corporation, the forum focused on the evolution of online learning in the US, examined the technology and operations requirements in order to launch and expand online learning in Vietnam.  Currently, Online is not yet fully endorsed by the MOET, thus the event served as a great venue to better inform the educators and to accelerate the adoption of technologies in teaching.  In attendance were Van Hien University, Vietnam Petro University, Hong Bang University, Dong Nai Technologies University, University of Economics and Finance, Nguyen Tat Thanh University, HCMC Open University, University of British Columbia, SEN Platform. 

CMSquared is proud to be presenting at 2016 Open Education Week on Online Operations Best Practices

March 2016

OEW is an annual global event to raise awareness about free and open educational opportunities that exist for everyone, everywhere and right now.  Open education encompasses resources, tools and practices that employ a framework of open sharing to improve educational access and effectiveness worldwide.  For more information, visit

China – US Online Education Forum

Beijing, China January 2016

Organized by our partner Global View Technologies, the China – US Online Education Forum features speakers from the Ministry of Education, Beijing Open University, Tsinghua University, Colorado State University, CMSquared, Guandong Open University and many other educational providers.

CMSquared and Nguyen Tat Thanh University Formed Strategic Partnership to Promote e-Learning

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam December 2015

The partner serves as a vehicle to promote and accelerate the integration of technologies for improved teaching and learning outcomes.  In addition, the partnership allows for CMSquared to better support NTTU in their effort to elevate and differentiate brand and product offerings.

CMSquared and Lac Viet Corporation Formed VATSA, Vietnam American Technology Solutions Academy

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam December 2015

VATSA is the business cooperation between a leading IT provider in Vietnam, Lac Viet Corporation, and leading global e-learning provider, CMSquared.  VATSA is slated to launch the first ever Web Development Engineering ‘Bootcamp’ program in Vietnam.  Bootcamp will be an immersive, interactive, hands on, and results driven training program designed to produce proficiency and competency in web development in as little as 12 weeks.  Taught by experience IT practitioners who are currently working in this field and integrated with skills required by employers, Bootcamp is a game changer for Vietnam.

CMSquared Visit to Beijing Open University

Beijing, China November 2015. President Huang of Beijing Open University

Beijing Open University is one of the 4 original Radio TV Universities granted ‘Open’ status and approval to offer online degrees.  We are working to build capacity and transfer operational knowledge so that BJOU can be the leading Open university of China.

CMSquared and Zhongjiao Media of China Formed Strategy Partnership to Promote e-Learning and Open Education

Zhongjiao Media is the leading authority in distance education, e-learning and vocational training.  In this partnership, CMSquared and Zhongjiao Media will be working closely with MOE and top educators in China to promote the integration of technologies for better learning outcomes and to provide best practices for development and improvement of teaching infrastructures.

CMSquared and Khoi Nguyen Holdings

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam August 2015

Khoi Nguyen Holdings, parent company of Canada International School located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

CMSquared and Loudcloud System Formed Partnership To Provide Competency-Based Learning Management System in Vietnam and China

Dallas, Texas USA October 2015

LoudCloud’s game changer, competency-based LMS is the perfect technology solution for developing markets such as China and Vietnam who are seeking to transform from theory driven learning to competency based education.  CMSquared has vested interest in LCS’ LMS and will tap into its established network of universities to accelerate the adoption of this best-in-class learning management system.

CMSquared and Formed Partnership

San Diego, CA USA July 2015

Leveraging the extensive international networks and market expertise of CMSquared, Knoitall seeks to expand its offering of continuing education, professional development and competency-based education products.

PetroVietnam University

Arguably one of the most progressive universities in VN and backed by a conglomerate, PVU is developing its online network in which to introduce not only degreed solutions but corporate learning solutions for oil and gas companies in Vietnam.

Beijing Normal University
Tianjin Open University
Charlie Nguyen, Guest Lecturer At Beijing Open University