Recent Events

Over 200 Attend the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Conference in Vietnam

On February 24th, FPT-CMS Global and the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges (AVUC) brought together 236 attendees at the “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Application at Vietnam Universities and Colleges Conference.” CMS Global, the authority in online education for esteemed networks in Vietnam; FPT and AVUC hosted speeches, seminars and informational sessions focused on the paradigm shift in online education within Vietnam.
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US-Sino China Online Higher Education Consortium Founded at Historic Conference in Shenzhen

On April 21st, 2017 CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses (UOOC) joined together at the US-Sino Online Higher Education Conference to advance innovation within higher education between China and the US.

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Sharp Increase in University Enrollment for Chinese Students. CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses Announce Conference to Develop Relationships with Chinese Universities
Shenzhen, China (April 21, 2017)

Chinese enrollment has grown fivefold from over 62K students a decade ago, to over 320K students in 2015/2016 according to the Institute of International Education – indicating a marked increase in the importance of international students for US Universities. With these important shifts within the higher education space, CMS Global recognizes the need for US Universities to develop relationships with Chinese universities.

To help get ahead of these needs, CMS Global, Shenzhen University and University Open Online Courses (UOOC) are proud to announce the US-Sino Online Higher Education Conference in Shenzhen, China on April 21st 2017. With a dedicated focus on advancing the growth of online education for China and the US; the purpose of this conference is to establish the US-Sino Online Higher Education Union between participating US and Chinese universities.

FPT-CMS and AVUC Announce Industrial Revolution 4.0 Conference 
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (January 28, 2017)

FPT-CMS and the Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges (AVUC) are proud to announce they will hold the “Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Application at Vietnam Universities and Colleges” Conference in Ho Chi Minh City and the Ho Tram Ecotourism Zone on February 24th and 25th 2017. This is the second conference in a successful series focused on the profound impact of the fourth and possibly most important industrial revolution. The conference will highlight the shift towards connections between the real and virtual world via smart technology, and the vast implications of these changes on higher education.

CMS Global Forms Partnership with 106 Chinese Universities 
Shenzhen Guangdong Province, China (November 11, 2016)

CMS Global, a leader in online international higher education, announced today that it has reached an agreement with Shenzhen University and UOOC Online (University Open Online Courses) to offer Chinese learners with opportunities to achieve a high quality accredited US education at a fraction of the cost compared to studying abroad. A track has been introduced at Shenzhen University in spring 2017, and additional tracks will be offered at the 106 university partners’ campuses thereafter.

CMS Global Visits Shenzhen University and UOOC Online
Shenzhen, China (September, 2016)

CMS Global team met with ShenZhen University President Li and the Vice President Yao to discuss how to collaborate in improving the online learning experience and providing access to high quality US online programs for Chinese learners.  Mr. Yao is also CEO of UOOC Online, one of the largest e-learning and MOOC platforms in China.

FPT-CMS Launches Online MBA Programs to Vietnamese Learners  
Hanoi, Vietnam (September 2016)

FPT-CMS officially launched online MBA programs for learners in Vietnam through Herzing University. A few examples of press tied to this exciting announcement can be found:

Southern Utah University Officially Launched Online Master of Cyber Security in Vietnam
Hanoi, Vietnam (June 2016)

Key leaders from Southern Utah University, FPT University and CMS Global met in Hanoi to officially launch their first online Master of Cyber Security program. Vietnamese learners will now have unprecedented access to high quality US education without having to compromise work or family.  The launch ceremony was joined by 7 leading media outlets who actively participated and presented thoughtful questions.  Dr. Rob Robertson, Program Chair for Computer Science Department of SUU, headlined the workshop on Cyber Security and Internet of Things to FPT employees and prospective students.  Below are some of the published articles in Vietnamese.