Globalization Strategic Advisory


Elevate your brand, grow your enrollment and expand access to high quality international education through our Globalization service.  We partner with your institution to:

  • Develop of a comprehensive international strategy
  • Conduct corporate development activities to desired overseas targets
  • Facilitate deal making and negotiation
  • Operationalize the early stage of INTL partnership

What you can expect as the result of partnership with international institutions:

  • Growth in international student population and revenue to your institution
  • Diversified recruiting channels
  • Establishment of joint-programs, campus and online programs
  • Recognition and articulated credits
  • Globalized brand

Contact us to learn more about how our extensive experience in international and online higher education, and established global networks can help you achieve institutional goals.

We will not be successful until our client is successful

Jim Hutcherson

“I have the pleasure of working with him over that couple of years on an International project that gave a new meaning to complex, political, and challenging. Charlie met the challenge in every way. He stayed on top of the key deliverables and empowered the team to get their respective sections done

Jim Hutcherson | Principal Consultant Adnubis LLC | SVP Integration Services | Apollo Education Group