International Online Recruitment Services

From Marketing to Lead Inquiry to Graduation, CMSquared’s experts work side by side with our university partners to expand their online programs to China, Vietnam and other SE Asian countries.

  • Attract – Develop customized marketing strategies to generate qualified inquiries
  • Enroll – In-country enrollment team will track and manage all activities leading up to applicant’s acceptance and enrollment into the online program
  • Teach – Curriculum design, development for online or blended modality, articulation agreements with in-country universities and faculty operations
  • Retain – Enrollment team to collaborate and work with your team on early alert warning strategy to keep student engaged and enrolled until graduation
  • Online Readiness Assessment – Evaluate systems, operations and resources to launch or expand online offerings overseas. CMSquared Global will provide recommendations and an action plan to achieve desired expansion
We work with our university partners to grow their international online enrollment.  Contact us today to learn about our International Online Recruitment Services. 

We will not be successful until our client is successful

Ted Nguyen
“I have collaborated with Charlie in the past, and can attest to his keen business insight and his incredible drive to achieve results for each of his customers in the corporate education, learning content development, business development and E-learning areas. I rely on Charlie today as a trusted training subject matter expert and his input is always appreciated and heeded. I strongly recommend Charlie to any enterprise looking for an exception leader to grow its education program.”

Ted Nguyen
System Architect | Latin America | S.A.T.E.L.L.I.T.E B.R.O.A.C.A.S.T.I.N.G (Sport & Entertainment)