In-Country Student Support Services

Uniquely to CMSquared Global, local professionals in higher education and senior management are hired to provide student support services online or in-person.  These services are designed to ensure great student success and experience which then translate to higher graduation rate.

  • Orientation – Web based, short and interactive modules designed to start new-to-online learners on the right path to graduation.
  • Tutoring – For all STEM related courses in addition to best practices around conducting research and time management.
  • Career Center – Internship opportunities with local and multi-national corporations (MNC) like Samsung, Baidu and PWC.
  • English Writing Center – One-on-one session available to assist non-English speaker with reading and writing of English language assignments.

We will not be successful until our client is successful

Jennifer Nation

“Simply put, if you are looking to increase productivity and efficiency, look no further than Charlie Nguyen. He is a strategic businessman, who is driven by the bottom line. However, he understands that his best investment is in his people, and he provides them with the necessary skills and support to drive profitability. He is an innovative solution provider, who wastes little time in debating decisions. In summary, Charlie is a results driven leader, who invests highly in the productivity and growth of his people.”

Jennifer Nation
Regional Director | National Accounts | DeVry University