PICT Introduction and Benefits

The Polymodal Immersive Classroom Theater (PICT), University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute’s proprietary smart classroom technology that delivers seamless real-time teaching and learning experience for students on-campus or online.  In addition, PICT is a panoramic venue that hosts audiences for ultra-widescreen media, interactive games, digital performing arts events. With PICT, no matter where you are attending UF classes, you are always connected with your classmates and teachers.

Leveraging PICT Smart Classroom technology, the BADAS degree offers Asian students, in their own country, the same quality education as our on-campus, Florida based students receive.  Our state-of-the-art smart classrooms have multi-stream video-conferencing technology, which can immerse online students into a traditional teaching setting.  Digital Worlds’ hybrid approach to learning — where online students are integrated into on-campus environments — makes the institute a leader in synthesizing technology and education, with a goal of Global Employment Ready Education (GERE).

Through GERE, our BADAS program provides:

  • The opportunity for Asian and American students to take classes together online, in both real-time or asynchronous formats
  • The opportunity to build global professional networks without the physical barriers
  • BADAS students with important experience working on media projects in team-oriented environments